Creating Partnerships that Last for a Lifetime and Beyond

 We believe in changing the perception of the sales industry. We also believe in removing the incentives that corrupts integrity.  P13:11 Partnerships - a company founded on the principle that "dishonest money dwindles away", was designed to return the value back to the REAL customer. Our way of doing this just so happens to be Value Based Pricing and charge based on results. Although most of our competitors will be opposed to this model, it is the only ethical way to guarantee the value delivered for the price paid. 

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About Us

Our Background

We designed our company to make you the hero. We are behind the scenes making you look good. 

This has been our role in each industry:

 Corporate Finance, Insurance, Ministry, Coaching, Hospitality and Consulting . 

The Test of Time

 P13:11 Partnerships over the past 10 years developed the deepest and most sacred corporate alliances across the globe.  With the current contacts, our growing network and innovative approach to business,  we will have all you need to deliver on the results you desire. 

Why Us

 We simply are looking to hear what you need to be more successful. We are not affiliated with just one product, solution or strategy. Each client is different, which creates a unique opportunity for every company. If you are looking for cookie cutter, we are not your team. 

If you want to beat your competition into the ground by strategy and solutions, you are in the right place

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