the giving generation

Charitable Organization vs Giving


Statistics show that Millennials don't give all that much to charity themselves, but they're slowly making the United States more charitable overall.

According to research by fundraising firm Blackbaud, Millennial's born between 1981 and 1995 make up 25.9% of the population, but account for just 11% of total U.S. charitable giving. 

Millennial's gave on average 34% less cash than Generation X and 60% less than Baby Boomers, but there's more to Millennial giving than the dollar amount.  While 72% of Baby Boomers give to charity and 59% of Generation X does the same, 84% of Millennial's give to charitable organizations.


 A lack of cash doesn't stop Millennial's from donating either. According to financial site, only 29% of Millennial's favored monetary donations. They were far more likely to donate clothes, food and other supplies (41%) and volunteer their time (27%). 

Millennials are showing how to make the most impact with the least cash and that giving cash is not the only way to be philanthropic. 


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