Why We Do What We Do

The Why


 Over the past decade we have watched a society of service providers ride the waves of inflation. This drives up the cost for the consumer but it also drives up commissions. Since most compensation structures are calculated off a percentage, the increase is lining the pockets of sales organizations around the US. We did not decide to be different to win business, we created our platform because it is the right thing to do. Educating our fellow entrepreneurs and business executives will allow them to know the value they should be receiving for the capital they are allocating to services rendered.  

And How

Collaboration around pain points and client needs for solutions

By utilizing technology, innovation and some good old fashion out side the box thinking, our consultants will deliver the business services solution for your company’s most painful issues. P13:11 Partnerships, over the past 10 years, developed the deepest and most sacred alliances across the globe. Our value based strategy sessions take unbiased experts advise and deliver them to your businesses doorsteps for educating your key executives.  

While Growing Together

Full transparency

 At P13:11 Partnerships, we know that our time on this planet is temporary so we must use it wisely. We are not here to grow our organization for ourselves but to truly Partner with those around us to rise up together.  Your increasing customer and employee bases should not be increasing our profit margins without us adding value to make up the difference.  

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Action Step

You have to take action. The #1 reason growth and improvement fail to happen at the level or speed you desire is Action. 

Executive Briefings are at no cost and designed to educate. Then if those that qualify choose to join our partnership 

we start growing together. We look forward to hearing from you!

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