Social Enterprise a Philanthropist Concept

A Social Enterprise is a business that uses entrepreneurial methods to accomplish social goals and/or feed profits to a parent charity or non-profit to enable it to fulfill more of its own social mission. The ultimate goal is to achieve sustainability by enabling nonprofits to support themselves financially in innovative ways instead of relying solely on grants, donations and/or monthly dues.

a new era has begun

Our Mission - Making a Splash

Transactional Giving is making a splash in the world by turning corporatism into capitalism

To create a simple yet steady cash flow for the Charity, Non-Profit and Association Industry

Why We Exist

Our Belief creates an attitude that demands action which produces results to affirm our belief.

We exist to help nonprofits and ultimately the communities they serve to become financially sustainable. We do so by partnering For-Profits with a Non-Profit, creating revenue arms without reducing profitability or net income .

Why Our Design

The payment of middle men just for the sake of paying someone is sheer madness.

Every organization pays multiple middlemen to process the credit card a customer uses when paying for services or products. The middlemen then keep a portion of a merchant's sale for themselves reducing profitability to the merchant’s business

How We Help

Redirecting your processing fees protects against financial short comings of the Non-Profit Sector

We show Businesses how to Redirect the credit card processing fees associated with everyday transaction into a dedicated giving account for the Non-Profit of that Company's choice

What We Do

Educations, Simplicity, Philanthropy

Our program educates the Donors, then we setup the redirection account for the chosen Non-Profit. Our Donors get to keep doing business as usual, but now every customer they have helps to support the Non-Profit they chose.

Additional Benefits

Incremental growth creates a greater return in the future

In addition to providing an amazing gift to the Non-Profit, Donors also get to market the  philanthropic spirit to patrons. Each month, Donors are provided with a statement to show exactly how much is donated and it is considered a taxable write off in most cases